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ACC discusses future of food to drink ratio

March 20, 2017--8:11 p.m.

By David Crowder

The Rome Alcohol Control Commission resumed talks Monday night regarding the 50-50 food to drink requirement for establishments that serve alcohol.

Rome City Clerk Joe Smith said the city removed the food to drink ratio for businesses who just serve beer and wine back in 2010.

The ACC is looking at either removing the requirement for those that sell liquor as well, or leave the ordinance the way it is.

Downtown business owner Robert Blumberg addressed the ACC.

“More cities are more toward eliminating the 50-50, but you also have people who have struggled to get to keep their license,” he said. “So, I think you are going to find a mixed viewpoint on this. Personally, I do not think it’s going to make things more difficult for our law enforcement officers.”

Blumberg if people want liquor they have plenty of places to get it already.

He noted that there are 16 destinations on Broad Street that serve alcohol. Only four serve just beer and wine.

Meanwhile, Dan Falcitelli, who is the executive director of Floyd Against Drugs, cited concerns about the youth and temptation if you continue to put an alcohol establishment on every corner.

“The one thing that we are fighting is the perception and the harm,” he said. “Parents don’t the harm and kids are not seeing the harm. That’s what we are really fighting.”

The ACC also discussed public consumption and allowing patrons walk around with drinks that they have purchased in a designated area.

Public consumption is currently allowed for special events, such as street parties, with approval from the ACC.

The ACC also talked about whether or not there is a need for charging $25 for the background checks for servers who are seeking their I.D. cards.

ACC Chair Wendy Davis wants to get public input on all these issues and is inviting area residents to comment during the next meeting, which will be on April 17 at 6 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room at Rome City Hall.

Also Monday:

The Rome Alcohol Control Commission approved a request for public consumption for the upcoming Firefly Fling.

The event is a partnership between the Rome Area Council for the Arts and the Rome Downtown Development Authority.

RACA Executive Director Mandy Maloney said this year’s event will be held April 21 at the top of the 3rd Avenue Parking Deck. 

Last year it was held on the 5th Avenue Bridge.

The evening of art, music, and food will be enhanced by twinkling lights and river views. 

Also Monday, the ACC approved a new beer package license for the Shorter Food Mart.

The proposed new convenience store will be located at 2203 Shorter Avenue, next to Advance Auto Parts.