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Teen injured in Alabama motorcycle crash has died

May 9, 2019–7:17 a.m.


The 17-year-old who was involved in a motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon in the area of County Road 189 in Cedar Bluff – has passed away.

Damien Hymbaugh, a senior at Cedar Bluff High School – suffered serious injuries when his motorcycle left the driveway and struck a tree shortly after 5:30 pm (May 5th) – afterward, he was transported to an area trauma center.

Family members say that Damien was an organ donor and was kept on life support until a recipient(s) for his organs could be found. Friends & family lined the hall of the Intensive Care Unit for a moment of silence as he was taken to the operating room

Students, faculty and staff at Cedar Bluff School attended a special student-led assembly on Wednesday afternoon

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