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Northwest Georgia teen drowns at Noccalula Falls

May 8, 2019–10:29 a.m.


A northwest Georgia teenager died after falling into the waters of Black Creek in the gorge beneath Noccalula Falls Tuesday night.

Gadsden Fire Chief Stephen Carroll said dispatchers were called to Noccalula Falls Park just prior to 7:00, where a group of hikers from Rome had been visiting the area, and reportedly had been skipping from one rock to another along the creek, when one of the group – a 19-year-old female – slipped and fell into the rushing waters.

Two police officers were the first to arrive on the scene and locate the young woman and they immediately began CPR. Rescue workers soon arrived and took over – however, they were unable to revive the victim and she was pronounced dead at the scene following almost an hour of life-saving efforts. It took almost another hour to remove her body from the remote location. Her name has yet to be released.

Emergency personnel also helped extricate two other hikers who were trapped on a rock in the gorge.


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